Change your conversations, change your life.

There are many types of intelligence from book smarts to street smarts from intellectual intelligence to emotional intelligence and each gives us our own unique abilities for personal success.


Yet one type of intelligence is universal and different from all the rest. It’s something everyone possesses yet until now has remained hidden from plain sight. This intelligence has the game-changing power to strengthen relationships, transform teams, and shape the future of our organizations for mutual success.


This universal intelligence is called Conversational Intelligence®. Let me explain: each of us speaks an average of about 16,000 words each day trillions of conversations are taking place around the globe every single second, but just how many of these conversations actually make a difference?


Nine out of ten conversations missed the mark. Not all conversations are easy so we avoid them. We talk past each other, we bang heads, or we get addicted to being right and stop listening to what others are really saying.


Now advances in neuroscience are giving us the tools to look inside of our brains while we’re having conversations to reveal just what is going on and why. What we are learning is that conversations are not just about words or information. Encoded in every conversation is a hidden language of trust. When we speak with each other significant neurochemical exchanges take place that impact feelings of trust or distrust.


When we are stuck in distrustful unproductive in even destructive exchanges we activate our fear networks causing us to withdraw or fight or flee. Yet not all difficult conversations need to cause us to feel threatened, closed- down, or to protect ourselves from harm.


Imagine you could activate your wisdom to discover how to elevate the quality of your conversation in the moment. Learn how to gauge your impact and shift your influence, positively. Develop ways to get in front of the curve in prime conversations for trust and mutual success.